Jesus God and Man

Jesus God and Man
Pastor Wendell Knight

CD #1—Jesus was the Word of the Old Testament and gives us access to God the Father. The Godhead is defined in this CD and the purpose for Jesus coming to the earth is revealed. Because of Him we can minister effectively to others.

CD #2—The Word took on flesh to have legal authority here and was made in the likeness of man; He became what He created. Miracles, signs and wonders were done by God through Jesus as a man. Learn how the entire Godhead works to answer our prayers.

CD #3—Is it God’s will to heal us today? Learn the provisions that have been made by Jesus for us today. Our freedom and our deliverance are directly related to the plan of God for man through the man, Christ Jesus.

CD #4—Jesus is assembling a group of believers and will present us to God the Father. We are to establish His kingdom in righteousness and fellowship with Him. We are beneficiary to His covenant and will reap the rewards in our lifetime.

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