Self Pity

Self Pity
Pastor Wendell Knight

This is an exciting 5 CD set that exposes the self pity spirit. CD #1 gives you all the characteristics to look for in self pity. It is easily recognized once you know what to look for.

CD #2 explains the connection between pride, boasting and self pity. Self pity calls attention to one’s suffering and wants to elevate itself.

CD #3 begins to show you how to defeat self pity. We must have faith to defeat it, make the choice to defeat it and then remain steadfast and settled in our decision.

CD #4 adds additional ways to be an overcomer and defeat self pity. We must be encouraged that there is a way out of self pity, and God wants you out of it!

CD #5 will lead you in a prayer to cast self pity out of your life. God will join you in your journey, but it all begins with you!

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